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Increase your sales with key August Events

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By Becca - June 29, 2018- in Go-Getter Blog

Hold up — summer isn’t over yet!

August offers a variety of ways to celebrate every day of the month.

Here are several upcoming events that you do not want to miss.

National Mountain Climbing Day

Millennials opt outside to escape the busy life they lead. Fresh air and adventures are the hot trend.

The great outdoors offers healthier and more active lifestyle to counter our hectic schedules.

The great outdoors is a way to connect and try new things such as mountain climbing.

Design t-shirts that outdoor enthusiasts can wear during their first mountain summit. 

man wearing white tee with mountain climbing design

International Beer Day

During  International Beer Day people celebrate by going to local bars, restaurants, breweries, and sometimes they throw a backyard get-togethers.

Beer apparel never goes out of style. People love beer all year around.

man wearing t-shirt with beer design

International Hungover Day

If you plan to design hungover day products make sure you don’t take the design process too seriously. 

Your goal is to make people  chuckle. Keep the text short and to the point.

Hungover DTG tshirt

National Sisters Day

Sisters are usually very close and tend to be best friends.

On National Sisters Day, they tend to treat themselves to some retail therapy or quality meal.

Create matching apparel for their special day.

two girls riding their bikes

National Honey Bee Awareness Day  

Many bee enthusiasts are intrigued by their bees. They worship bees and recognize the contribution they make to our society.

Many beekeepers are proud of their beehive and they love to show off their passion for them.

Market to bee associations, communities, and individual beekeepers to make sales.

tank top with bee design

National Tooth Fairy Day

National Tooth Fairy Day is an opportunity to add children apparel line to your collection.

kid wearing hoodie with tooth fairy design

National Dog Day

Pet parents love to show off  their little furry friends. It’s common to for pet owners to bring their pups all events (if allowed).  Design dog mama and/or papa tee that pet parents can rep when pets aren’t allowed. 

women wearing white tee with a design

For more inspiration; check out Google, Pinterest, Facebook, and other popular sites. Let’s fire up those creative engines and start designing.