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4 Tools To Make Your Instagram Stories Pop

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By Becca - October 2, 2018- in Go-Getter Blog

Instagram stories became a social media phenomenon ever since stories went live in early August of 2016.

According to Instagram, Instagram Stories now has double the number of daily active users  compared to its competitor Snapchat.

As of November 2017,  Instagram stories has more than 300 million people using it every day

Instagram continues to roll out new features to keep users interested and engaged.

Speaking of new features, you can now share a song directly from Spotify app and your GoPro Footage directly to your Instagram Stories.

Instagram continues to reinvent itself by adding new and exciting features to your Instagram stories, therefore, we decided to put together a list of tools to help you make your Instagram stories more engaging and fun. 

Instagram stories growth chart


Price: Basic plan is FREE

Easil is very similar to Canva, it’s a web-based design program that offers a wide range of tools to help you create high-quality and professional-looking advertising materials for your business.

Unlike Canva, Easil is based around social media platforms. What’s cool about Easil? This platform offers options to resize files to fit any social media specs (measurements) while maintaining the original design to keep the look constant with your marketing. 

easil creative platform example

Easil can be used to drive traffic to blog posts, announce a new product launch, or simply use it to showcase customer testimonials to help you increase traffic to your online store. 

Unfold iOS App

Price: FREE

Unfold is an easy-to-use story creator that makes your content look professional with almost to nothing effort. Create engaging stories for Instagram with the help of minimalistic designs and clean templates. Unfold is a perfect app for on-the-go, upload announcements directly to Instagram. Choose between a variety of templates, Text and PhotoTexOnly or Photos Only to fit your marketing needs.  

example of unfold tool for instagram stories


Price: FREE

Quik, easy, and effective video marketing tool for your business. Quik works with GoPro or any other smartphone footage to create high-quality and visually appealing videos to share on social media in seconds. Here are a few tips to make your videos stand out, according to Quik: 

1. Choose photos and videos that are vibrant, fun and appear actiony. 

2. Film portrait mode when sharing your footage to Instagram stories.

3. Add music or have your sound ON. About 70% of Instagram Stories are watched with the sound on, meaning that advertisers can be assured of engagement (as users must manually toggle the sound on; audio is not automatic).

4. Keep it short: 15 second max. 

5. Add text slides and captions.  


Price: FREE ($9.99 to remove the watermark)

Are you struggling to fit all your content into 15-second videos?

Stereo is a quick video editing app that slices your video to 15-second stories when uploaded to Instagram, your viewers see one long video.


As stories continue to evolve they are the perfect platform to self-promote your business without sounding too greedy.

Instagram users tend to see Instagram Stories as a platform within Instagram where it is acceptable to recommend and promote their products.

Instagram Stories are widely used by brands to promote the behind the scenes of a new product launch or a big announcement. 

Usually, my Stories do better than my normal posts when it comes to products I’m trying to sell,” she says. “It might be that my followers are a bit more open to seeing my self-promotion in my Stories than in my posts.

Over to you

These 4 tools can help with showcasing your brand in a unique way. 

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