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Increase Sales With Key June Events

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By Becca - May 29, 2018- in Go-Getter Blog

International Yoga Day

The fitness industry has experienced an incredible boom, including boutique studios.

Yoga makes the TOP 10 fitness trends each year.

There is a great number of boutique studios looking to add retail products to increase their revenue.

According to 2016 Yoga in America Study; yogis love to spend their hard-earned cash on yoga classes, clothing, equipment, and accessories. 

First Day Of Summer

Summer is in full swing. Kids, teens, and college students are out of school enjoying their freedom.

A day at a beach is a perfect escape from busy city streets.

Whether you are going river floating or simply visiting your local beach, tote bags are hands down the only bag one will ever need.

International Picnic Day

Picnic Day aims at inspiring the public to get out and enjoy the summer with family and friends. CustomCat makes picnics personal.

Our all-in-one travel blanket offers soft fleece feel and water-resistant protection for the ultimate comfort. This blanket is a must-have for any day in the sun. 

Father’s Day

Like Mother’s Day, on Father’s Day people tend to spend extra cash to show appreciation towards dads.

Baseball hats make great Father’s Day gifts. 

Flag Day

Many Americans celebrate Flag Day by showing off the Red, White, and Blue in front of theier homes and businesses.

Other popular ways to celebrate Flag Day are flag-raising ceremonies, school quizzes, street parades, and cookouts.

One of the most iconic parades takes place in lower Manhattan of New York.

 The Sons of the Revolution host a Flag Day Parade with hundreds of flag-waving participants.

Offer American themed accessories.

National Best Friends Day

Offer best friends matching apparel to celebrate this special day.

This unofficial celebration can make your profits skyrocket.

Friends are a significant part of our lives and many people take the time to thank each other.


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