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How to Write Killer Ad Copy

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By Susan - May 18, 2021- in Go-Getter Blog

Ecommerce & advertising keep evolving, but the cornerstone of writing killer copy doesn’t change. If you want to sell more, earn more sign-ups to your newsletter, or broaden your audience, you need ad copy that sparks action. Here’s how to get started.

Define Your Goal

Killer ad copy will only get you so far unless you have an end goal in mind. Make a chart of what you’re selling, to who, and what type of KPIs you’re looking for. Once you know your goal, you can work backward from it to determine the best way to attract & convert your audience.

Think About Your Customer

Your ad copy should align around your customer & what they want. It’s not enough to sell them on the product; sell to them directly as if you understand their life. Creating a customer persona or avatar is a good place to start. 

You can have more than one customer avatar for your business; however, it’s best to identify one for your ad copy. If you sell craft supplies to teachers, you can sit down & write out what type of jobs they have, how old they are, what schools they are likely to work at, and what they struggle with. The more you can identify who, exactly, you’re selling to, the easier it is to create your ad copy.

Appeal to Their Pain Points

Your customers likely have some type of pain point they’re trying to address by purchasing your product. If you sell comfortable shoes for travelers, create ad copy that addresses the kinds of aches & pains they likely deal with due to poor footwear. Speak directly to them in your copy and let them know you empathize with them & how your product can resolve their aches & pains.

Consider the Ad Platform

The ad platform you’re also using matters. A Google ad only allows 30 characters for your headline & 90 for the description areas. Etsy ads & marketing require their own finessing. And Facebook ads differ depending on what type you use, whether video, photo, slideshow, or canvas ads, among others. 

Beyond the length & format of your ads, the platform also dictates your audience. The customers who follow you on Instagram are likely very different than those who interact with you on Facebook. Consider their age, interests, and other demographics to determine how to shape your ads & align your copy accordingly.

Tell a Story

As space permits, tell a story with your ad. Pull the audience in with a hook that grabs their attention. If you sell travel products, start with a fascinating antidote about a destination or adventurous fact. Show the audience how your product works & benefits them with a narrative that demands attention. 

Keep in mind a story doesn’t mean you can’t keep it short & sweet. An ad can be a sentence, a short paragraph, or even just a few words. 

Don’t Bury the Lede

If you’re going to tell a story, make sure not to bury the lede. In other words, don’t forget to emphasize the essential part of the story or your product. Get to the point & make your copy, narrative, story, or anything else you write actionable. Make people want to check out your product.

Focus on Benefits

One of the most vital aspects of your ecommerce ad copy is the benefits of your products. The feature is what your product looks like or does, but the user accomplishes the benefit. Your craft brew mugs might keep drinks cold, but they help your audience enjoy ice-cold beer through the evening without having to keep refreshing their drinks & thus saves time.

Make it Exclusive

Make your customers feel like VIPs just by reading your ad. Entice them to sign-up for specials & offers or join your membership & play up what they get in exchange. The more you make them feel important & like “all the cool kids are doing it,” the more they’ll want to join in on the fun.

Play with Scarcity

Play up the idea of scarcity with your audience. Let them know your product or service is only available for a limited time or at a price that won’t last. The more people think your offer is going to slip through their fingers, the more likely they are to snatch it up before it’s too late.

Use Humor

Some of the best ecommerce ad copy is witty & dares to be bold. Play around with the benefits the user gets from using your product or service. This ad for Slack promises to make you feel positively magical when you sit in 25% fewer meetings by using their platform.



You may not always be able to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing & ad platforms. But you CAN focus on creating killer ad copy that converts to level up your next campaign. 

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