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Easter Product & Marketing Ideas for Ecommerce Stores

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By Susan - April 1, 2022- in Go-Getter Blog

Consumer Easter spending is on the rise, with customers planning to spend an average of $179.70 during the holiday. Research shows that Easter gifts, food, & candy are the biggest sellers driving the growth. Get in on the trend by creating Easter-themed gift ideas for your ecommerce store. Here are some ways to simplify the process, drive more sales, & have a blast while doing it. 

Bunny Apparel

You can’t celebrate an ecommerce Easter without selling bunny apparel. Start with bunnies on onesies, bibs, & youth apparel. Then move into quirky options for adults, including hipster Easter bunnies with ironic mustaches. You can also tie Easter bunnies into the overall theme of your store. If you sell adventure apparel, create bunnies hiking & skydiving designs for an on-brand twist. 

Easter Ornaments

Christmas isn’t the only time to roll out ornaments to your ecommerce store. Customers also love decorating their homes during the year-round holiday. Create your own Easter-themed ornaments with our circle, heart, & star options. We also offer customizable, print-on-demand oval ornaments that are perfect for customized egg designs. Make it an annual tradition & introduce new creations each year for your customer to collect. 

Garden Tote

Garden totes make the perfect gift for a family, friend, or yourself. Offer Easter & Spring-themed totes with innovative, creative designs. To create a sense of urgency, consider releasing limited-time designs with the help of CustomCat. We offer white-label, customized print-on-demand services. When someone purchases your totes, we get busy producing, fulfilling them, & sending them out to your customers. 

Create an Online Easter Egg Hunt

An online Easter egg is an innovative way to keep your audience engaged & earn new customers. Launch an online easter egg & hide small, colorful eggs in your social media posts, website, blog, or other digital assets. Give each egg a number & encourage customers to take screenshots of their finds while making their way to the end of the hunt. Offer the winner a freebie, deep discount code, or VIP access to your next flash sale to reward their super-sleuthing skills.

Bundle Your Products with Bespoke Candy

High-end, bespoke candies are crowd-pleasers, whether it’s Easter or an average Monday. Colorful fudge, hard candies, & egg-themed treats will get you started on your themed journey. If you strictly sell apparel & housewares, consider teaming up with an enviable vendor. Tuck their candies into customized totes or attach them to Easter ornaments to sweeten the sale & earn more profit for you & your ecommerce partner. 

Include Easter Freebies in Every Order

Customers love themed freebies & may be more enticed to buy from you over your competition. Offer a free Easter ornament, tasty treat, bunny T-shirt, or bag of spring flower seeds in every order. Ask your customers to tag you in an Instagram post once they get their order & show off their Easter freebie. You’ll feel the love, gather testimonials for your site, & generate some buzz for your online store.

Donate Profits to a Themed Cause

Give back to a worthy cause this Easter as part of your online promotion efforts. Although Easter is a religious holiday, you can expand your horizons to include your favorite charities. Donating a portion of your profits to a food pantry to help someone enjoy Easter dinner is also a worthy cause. 

If you’re not sure where to donate, poll your audience. Get them involved in the process & take a vote. They’ll feel more connected with your ecommerce brand & feel inspired to give back to their own community. 

Spruce Up Abandoned Cart Notifications

Saving abandoned shopping carts from sitting there can dramatically increase your revenue. According to Shopify, For every 100 potential customers, 70 of them will leave without purchasing. Prompting customers to finish their sales can pose a challenge, but plenty of apps & plugins help automate the process. 

Instead of using generic messages for your abandoned cart notifications, customize them with fun Easter-themed language & images instead. Brainstorm slogans & sayings to infuse into your messaging & add some colorful Easter egg graphics to bring more life to your efforts. Your customers are more likely to pay attention to these unexpected, spirited messages & prompt them to finish their purchase.

What are your favorite Easter ecommerce ideas? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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