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Easter Ecommerce Guide

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By Becca - March 12, 2019- in Go-Getter Blog

Believe it or not, Easter is one of the top selling-holidays of the spring.
We created a guide to help you get your store ready for this upcoming holiday.
Easter shopping season starts March 20th, around two weeks before the holiday.
Easter falls on Sunday, that means people will most likely be spending time offline and with families.
Make sure to push promotions a couple of weeks beforehand to get the best buck for your hard work.
Easter Sunday alone can be used to acknowledge the importance of the holiday or to announce an extended one-week post-Easter promotion, for those we did not have time or a chance to grab a deal.
Bank Holiday Monday continues to be one of the busiest days of the year for online shopping as e-commerce continues to thrive.
Sellers sometimes forget this but is it is important to let your customers know about holiday customer service.

Time Off

Many people get at least 3-4 days off. All of a sudden there is an absence of the busy lifestyle and we find ourselves with plenty of time on our hands to browse the web for the best deals.
An average customer spends around $150 per person during Easter.

  • Travel peaks
    • People will be spending more time on mobile devices during commutes to see their families on this holiday
  • Brick-and-mortar store hours will be reduced due to bank holidays
    • Make sure to communicate open hours clearly
  • More time at home
    • People will be checking multiple devices (mobile, tablets, and laptops), use email marketing to your advantage

Here’s a simple calendar to get you started!

Courtesy of


It all comes down to how well you prepared to promote your business. Here are a couple of tactics that you can implement into your already existing marketing strategy.

Use Puns

Easter is a perfect holiday to play on words and use bunny references.
The goal is to make your audience notice your witty or funny ads to prompt their curiosity to click.
These are some of the most common Easter puns on the web. Time to get creative.

  • Egg-tastic Easter
  • Egg-cellent Easter
  • Egg-loving
  • Eggs-citement
  • Eggstraordinary
  • Egg-citing
  • EveryBunny’s Here

Set Up Landing Pages

Using puns to increase curiosity is quite easy, the hard part begins right after a customer clicks on your store’s landing page.
You must be able to grab their attention quickly and efficiently.
That can be done by implementing – FREE shipping, freebies, or BUY-ONE-GET-ONE free options.
The landing page should be direct and it should contain high-quality copy and images to support the credibility of your business.

Egg Hunt

This all-around well-known tactic is still used by stores to this day.
Egg hunts are one of the trademarks of this holiday.
Use a digital egg hunt to your advantage.
These kind of promotions are in place to engage with customers rather than offering an old school non-engaging discount instead.

  • Hide Easter eggs around your site, on certain product descriptions and images.
  • Hide the eggs in newsletters and e-mails, and social media posts.

Implement Crowdfunding

Brands gain their value as they become more recognized by consumers. Brand recognition is a key step in gaining a larger share of market sales.
Crowd sourcing helps to eliminate doubts and distrust when customers are looking to purchase products online.
There are a few different types of crowdfunding.
We want you to focus on donation-based crowdfunding.
The most common ways are fundraising for disaster relief, non-profits, charities, and medical bills.
What sets your soul on fire or what are you grateful for? Pick something you want your brand to be associated with and start fundraising for a good cause.

Mix It Up

Promotions are great, but do you know what’s better? New deals on different products every day. One-time promotions can get old-quick, find a way to mix up different product categories into mini-promotions throughout the week.

End Of The Season Sale

Easter is a perfect opportunity to clear out and/or discount old designs. You can create a sense of urgency to prompt buying behavior on designs that will soon be discounted.


Take advantage of our favorite feature. Learn more about personalization here.

Social Media

Always pair your promotions with social media for the best effect, especially if you’re working with a tight budget.
Create a contest that involves animals to achieve memorable long-lasting effects. This Easter the Cadbury team invited pets nationwide to participate in the “Bunny Tryouts”.

Courtesy of Cadbury

Use long-tail keywords. Trying to compete with high-ranking keywords will take away from your efforts. Detail-oriented keywords are your chance to increase sales.

  • Best Easter Gifts under $10
  • Easter Hunt Cheap Ideas
  • Easter Egg Hunt Kids Apparel
  • Easter Bunny Baby Shirt
  • Easter Bunny Girl’s Outfit
  • Adult Easter Sunday Shirt
  • Easter Wall Hanging Decor
  • Easter Home Decorations
  • Easter Canvas Decor
  • Easter Wall Signs
  • Easter Basket Gifts
  • Easter Jewelry for Kids
  • Easter Necklaces for Kids
  • Easter Monday Gifts under $20
  • Easter Weekend Apparel for Kids


Make your brand stand out with GIFs.
“According to a survey published in Time, nearly two-thirds of Millennials polled said GIFs communicated their thoughts and feelings better than words,” said Balkhi.
GIFs are money-making attention grabbers among millennials.

Create Urgency

A shipping deadline tells people when the last day rolls around that allows them to get an item delivered by a certain date.
Once you get your customers thinking about a product they want to buy urgency pushes customers to make a purchase decision faster.

Over to you…

While these tactics are a good way to start thinking about Easter, they don’t guarantee success.
As an e-commerce seller you need to have a great understanding of all ingredients to have a successful business – creative and attention-grabbing business is a key to standing out in the sea of sellers.

Design Inspiration

Bunny Designs

  • Hipster Buddy with glasses
  • Laughing Bunny
  • Somebunny loves you!
  • Hopster Bunny
  • Chocolate Easter Bunny
  • Hoppy Easter
  • Those brown ones are not jelly beans
  • Official Easter Mascot
  • I bunny you forever.
  • Hunny Bunny

Chick Designs

  • Chicks dig me
  • One helluva cute chick
  • 3 Best Chicklets anyone can have
  • Baddest chick in town
  • Oh for a peeps sake
  • Chick Magnet
  • I don’t care about the egg I am here for the chicks

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