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Sell Directly on Facebook with Shopify

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By Becca - June 8, 2018- in Go-Getter Blog

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Don’t want to commit to building a website just yet, sign up for Shopify’s Lite just for $9 per month and start selling on Facebook. 

With Shopify Lite, you can display your products on your Facebook Page by using Facebook Shop.

Facebook Page is a great platfrom to leverage customer relationships and sell your products. According to Path to Purchase 2016 by Kantar, 20% of Facebook users said that Facebook led them to buy a new product.

Facebook Shop offers easy checkout directly on your Facebook page. With this nifty feature you can create seamless customer shopping experience that everyone will rave about.

Benefits of a Shopify Facebook store

  • Get Recognized – Increase your brand awareness 
  • All-in one platform – Get to know your customers on more personal level and sell products at the same time  
  • Tell Brand Story – Tell your brand story in the ‘About’ section 
  • Responsiveness – Easily respond to customer reviews 
  • Convenience – One click-shopping experience 
  • Inspiration – Social media plays a big part in the buying process 

Facebook Shop Requirements

In order to list products on Facebook by using Facebook Shop you must meet 3 simple requirements; 

1. Facebook Business Page (must be published and have assigned admin role)

2. Valid (customer) email 

3. Sell products in currency that is supported by Facebook

Integrate your Shopify and Facebook account

  1. Log into your Shopify account.
  1. To connect your Shopify account and your Facebook business page, click on the ‘Connect account’ at Sales Channels > Facebook > Account
  1. Shopify will ask for a permission to read your Facebook personal profile. Click ‘Continue’.
  1. Allow Shopify to manage and/or publish content on your behalf. Select both.
  1. Choose page to add the shop button.
  1. Click Connect Page.
  1. Agree to Facebook Terms.
  1. ‘SHOP’ function has been added to your business page. 
  1. In order to publish the store, you need to go to the Shopify dashboard and fill in billing details.

Additional Information to Get you Started

Facebook Hacks for your Business Page that You Need to Know About

How to add Facebook Pixel to Shopify and WooCommerce

Eventually your business will grow and you will need a proper selling platform to accommodate all your customers needs. While Shopify Lite is a great starter plan it is not sustainable for a long term, however, it can be used in conjunction with Basic Shopify Plan


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