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How To Prepare Your Store For The Big Game

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By Becca - January 9, 2020- in Go-Getter Blog

Keep in mind that we’re not legal experts, so this shouldn’t be used as professional advice. Please use this information as a starting point. We always recommend using a professional service or consultant to address specific designs and questions.
Football fan or not, Super Bowl Sunday can become one of your top-selling events of the year. According to Statista, the Super Bowl was watched by 98.2 million viewers in the United States in 2019.
Super Bowl Sunday is, without a doubt, a significant player in ecommerce selling. You don’t want to miss millions of excited football fans who purchase pre-game and post-game apparel and accessories.
A football fan can be your biggest raving fan. It’s time to sit down, research past football trends, and keep an eye out for new trends. Like we said many times before, you don’t need to shell out a lot of money to get started. Time is the most profitable currency. Are you ready to have the most profitable Super Bowl weekend yet?
Mark Waller with NFL International said that the league has gained popularity in Mexico, Canada, UK, China, and Germany, and Brazil.
NFL viewership is on the rise across the globe, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Super Bowl is broadcast worldwide in multiple languages. Super Bowl LIII was available live in seven languages, and 170 countries and territories.
Unsure what 2020 broadcasting has in store for us, but we are positive that it will be significant.

Copyright Limitations

The Super Bowl Association is very serious about what you can and cannot use in your advertising and selling materials. The NFL trademarked “Super Bowl”, “Super Sunday”, and “Pro Bowl”, so you cannot use them in your marketing and/or advertising.
Here are some alternatives: Sunday’s Game, Game Day, Sunday Funday, Puppy Bowl Post-Game Show, Men in Tights, The Football World Series, The Big Game, The World Series of Football, The Game That Can’t Be Named, The Oreo Bowl, Commercial Bowl, Puppies & Football, and Football Championship Game.


Anything goes. Head over to our catalog to select the types of products that you believe, and throughly researched, to be the best products for this event.
Some of the top-selling products of all the time include the G500s, NL3600s, G185s, 3001Cs, Mugs, and G180s. View the entire list here: Top 20 Best-Selling Print on Demand Products.
If this is your first time creating designs for the big game, from now on, it will get only easier. Once you have created sustainable designs that can be used for the next Super Bowl, you will be ready.


You cannot use logos, pictures, names, or slogans of professional sports teams. It would be considered a copyright violation if you do. That includes the NFL and Super Bowl logos, and any long/short version of a team name.
What can happen: Copying items and selling them as your own can just as quickly put you in  court. However, it is common for the holder to send a Cease and Desist letter in most cases. This will likely deactivate your merchant’s account and disable all designs from your site.

Marketing Ideas for the Big Game

Memes and GIFs

Create relevant memes and GIFs out of the critical pre, during, and post-game moments. The right meme or GIF can go a long way, and has the potential to make you go viral with your business. Voila, your business is officially in front of millions of potential customers.

Moment Marketing

Whether you enjoy the actual game, or you are just for the commercials, there is power in reactive marketing. There is nothing more relevant than engaging with your audience during critical events. The most successful brands pay attention and react quickly to viral trends. You don’t have to have a multimillionaire budget to connect with your customers.

Super Bowl Design Tips  

When you are creating designs for the big game remember you are not limited to just football. Think about half time shows, commercials, and other vital moments that happened in past Super Bowls. And don’t forget about tailgating and all the fun things that come with it!

  • Chicken Wings & Beer
  • Overpriced vs. Bargain Ticket Pricing
  • Floating Hotels – Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005
  • 300 pigeons – Super Bowl I
  • Vegas bets
  • Second half kickoff
  • Frisbee-catching dog  – 1977
  • No. 1 raided index finger foam prop
  • The coldest Super Bowl
  • The most-watched half time show with 120 million views – Katy Perry
  • Teams that never went to a Super Bowl
  • Super Bowl Record holders
  • Advertising cost
  • The trophy/ring
  • Half time show
  • Commercials
  • Snacks
  • Game Day
  • Haters
  • Football Vocabulary – First touchdown, Kick-Off, Tackle, End Zone, etc.
  • Maternity & Football
  • Combine movies and football
  • Roman Numerals
  • Hall of Fame
  • M*A*S*H
  • Half Time Show Performers
  • Most Played/ Most Wins / Most Losses in numbers
  • Cities / Stadiums
  • MVPs
  • Coaches

Have you ever been to a tailgate or a football game? If yes, you are probably aware of  football jargon, phrases, sayings, mottos, and quotes.
You can make designs about the ref’s calls or the refs themselves.
Fantasy football is also likely to come up during conversations.
Also, don’t forget to portray emotions such as, “I am sick of it!” or “We brought our A-game.”

There you have it

Ey, that’s all! Feel free to share this Big Game Guide with your friends, and don’t forget Print On Demand is the way to go.
To get started, take a look at How To Start Your Own Clothing Line Business.

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