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Effective Ways to Increase Average Order Value

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By Becca - July 26, 2018- in Go-Getter Blog

Did you hit a dead-end? Are you wondering if there is something else that can help drive your business? You’ve come to the right place.  Get ready to get new customers and get more out of your current visitors.

Upsell & Cross Sell your Products

Upselling is defined as a product that is sold at a higher monetary value than what the customer had originally sought out. All products are advertised at the lowest price tag but when you actually visit the particular store you might discover additional upgrades that haven’t been advertised and you might be interested to purchase an upgrade instead.
A great example of upselling are electronics, in particular laptops and phones. The sales force in Verizon or Best Buy will do their absolute best to point out higher storage or faster processor to take home higher commission pay. Why shouldn’t you do the same!? E-commerce world is very different, you can’t necessarily connect with the customer on a personal level, in order to upsell, showcase related products directly on a given product page. An example of cross-selling is to introduce a customer to a wireless mouse or unlimited data phone plan.

Shopify app: Product Upsell – by BOLD

Bold is a must if you are in the serious business of increasing your order value. Bold has 4 unique features that can be used separately or you can use them all at once.

Cross-sell: Add a complementary product at a lower price.

Upsell: Upgrade the product and automatically replaced the old product with the new product.

One click upsells: Add a countdown deal right before the customer is promoted to pay.

Smart upsells: Data is collected and used to increase the value of your average order.

For example, your customer could buy a basic Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt for $6.00, when customer clicks “add to cart” customer gets Up-sold to Gildan Crewneck Pullover Sweatshirt for $12.95. They either decline or accept, of they accept the customer is directed to check out a page and once they click “checkout” they get cross-sold with $11.33 hat. Voila, you just made an extra sale.

WooCommerce WordPress Plugin: Beekeeping

Beekeeping allows you to increase your online sales, in addition to cross-selling and upselling Beekeeping offers extra features that can be used to achieve online-selling greatness.
Sales Pop –  It shows the most recent order to increase customer’s buying confidence.
Countdown Cart – Creates urgency and prevents abandoned shopping carts.
Check out Boost – Allows you to offer discounted products or free shipping.
Personalized Recommendation – The app can automate your recommendation or create your own cross-sell rule.

Countdown Timer

In addition to Countdown Cart Time take an advantage of an app that helps you increase the urgency to boost your sales.

Shopify App: Hurrify

Hurrify is fully customizable. Not only you can customize the look you can also choose to add your own custom text to fit your store needs. In addition to the customization, you can choose to display a progress bar with a number of products sold, and with each unit, the sold amount will increase.

WooCommerce Plugin: Finale

This amazing tool has 4 features that can help increase your profits. Finale allows you to sell more between two fixed dates and times, which is great for running flash sales. Finale also offers a countdown timer, which is best used for reminding shoppers of deadlines. Finally, Finale shows a real-time in-stock status to prompt buying decisions. 

Free Shipping

In today’s DNA age Free Shipping is not a luxury rather the opposite – the norm. Get on the free shipping train today!

Shopify App: Free Shipping Bar (FSB) by Hextom

Free Shipping Bar offers free shipping to boost your sales. This apps allows you to display free shipping offers as well as display progressive messages to let customers know how much of a value of a product they need to add in order to receive free shipping. Plus your customers get a pop-up message congratulating them on qualifying for free shipping order. FSB also helps you track the performance of each bar, so you know which free shipping goal gives you the best ROI.

WooCommerce: Enable free shipping

WP Admin > Settings > Shipping > Add Shipping Zone > Add Zone Name and Regions > Click Save > Click on Shipping Methods > Choose Free Shipping  from drop down menu > Click Save Shipping Method > Click “Free Shipping” once method is saved  > Choose  “Free Shipping Requires” (Choose from triggers below) from drop-down menu > Click Save Changes
Choose one of these four conditions to trigger Free Shipping:
1. A minimum order amount or a coupon: a certain amount or a particular coupon code is used
2. A valid free shipping coupon: particular coupon code is used
3. A minimum order amount: when an order reaches a certain amount
4. A minimum order amount and a coupon