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Add These Products to Your Store This Holiday Season

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By Becca - October 1, 2019- in Go-Getter Blog

After reading this article, you will want to spruce up your product catalog with CustomCat’s top trending products to sell during this peak season.


It shouldn’t be too big of a surprise that mugs become popular when temperatures drop. There is something special about this particular season, and  people look forward to slowing down and making time for themselves. For more drinkware related items, check out the Drinkware Selling Guide.
black mug

Color Changing Mug

This color-changing mug can be used to make a special announcement, as they reveal the design when a hot drink is being poured into the mug. This mug is available in both 11 oz. and 15 oz. Download design templates here.
color changing mug

All Over Print Raglan

The holiday season and all over print shirts go well together. Our All-Over Print Raglan isn’t a thick-knit sweater, but it comes in two distinctive holiday sleeve colors – green and red. Raglans are the perfect alternative to all over print Christmas sweaters for anyone who is always warm. The full front area gives you an option to go crazy with your designs. The jollier, the better.
All Over Print Raglan T-Shirt

Baby Bib

Parents with kids are the main target this jolly season. Christmas is one of the holidays that kids look forward to all year. Give the grandparents and relatives the option of giving more practical gifts. Baby bibs are machine and dryer friendly, so parents don’t have to worry about kids being kids. Download the Baby Bib art guide here.
White Baby Bib

Luggage Bag Tag

A large number of Americans are expected to hit the road this holiday season. Some are looking to escape the cold while others look forward to winter a wonderland; either way, they both have one thing in common – they will have luggage. Download the art guide here.
White Luggage Bag Tag


With every second, new homebuyers are settling into their newly-purchased homes. They are looking to freshen up the empty walls. Canvas wall art is the perfect accessory that everyone will love. To download the Canvas art guides, visit Canvas Selling Guide.
Plain White Square Canvas

Drink Coaster

Coasters protect your furniture from coffee and water stains. They are meant to elevate home decor and the entire beverage-drinking experience. CustomCat’s drink coasters have the functionality, and it’s up to you to bring the coasters to life with some creative designs. Download the design template here.
Plain White Coaster

Flip Flops

Footwear has become an essential part of everyday wear all year long. The flip flop industry is considerably large due to its desired aspect of personalization. Customers all over the world are looking to buy flips flops as gifts for parties, honeymoons, and other milestone events. Download the design template here.
Customizable Flip Flops

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is no doubt our favorite time of year. We love Christmas, and I have a feeling many of you do too. Christmas ornaments are gifts that will be cherished for years to come, especially if a personal touch is added. For design information, be sure to visit Christmas Ornament Selling Guide.
Plain Circle Christmas Ornament

Dog Bone Pet Tag

Pet industry continues to grow – American pet parents continue to spend on their furry friends. It’s not uncommon for pet parents to spend extra money to personalize their pet accessories to their liking. Download the design template here.
Bone Dog Tag


Posters are popular among younger adults who are on-the-go and in-between apartments. Younger adults aren’t looking to cash out on expensive wall art just yet, for the time being – posters are easy to hang, store, and transport. 
Want to learn how to design top-selling posters?

Wall Flags

The first thing first-year students want to do after they get into college is to envision their own space. These young adults are searching for dorm decoration ideas, turning the plain walls of dorms into a room where they can feel at home.
Wall Flag


Beanies are the ultimate holiday classics. Remember, a hat is a stylish winter accessory that has the power to make every outfit pop. Graphic beanies can be paired with athleisure or more dress-up looks. Add beanies to your collection today! Here’s everything you need to know about embroidery. 
green beanie

Winter Headband

Winter headbands are stylish and functional. This particular winter headband with a clean design can be easily used for any winter sport activity such as sledding, ice-skating, cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, and other fun activities.
Winter Headband

Flannel Pants

Flannel pants are a Christmas morning standard in many households. Whether it’s unwrapping presents or emptying stockings, comfort is the key to a cozy Christmas morning routine.
White and black flannel pants

Zip-Up Hoodies

A hoodie can last a person a long time, and a favorite hoodie will last a lifetime. Hoodies are vital for anyone who resides in a colder climate. Hoodies are perfect add-ons to your established t-shirt business – variety and innovation are what brings customers back for more.
Green Zip Up Hoodie

Fleece Zip-Ups

Soft, toasty, and comfortable. Fleece is perfect for snuggling or for staying warm during any outdoor activity – shoveling, walking dogs, or snuggling up by the fire to keep warm during long winter nights.
3/4 zip up fleece

French Terry Crew

Some of the most popular brands market french terry crews as soft, comfortable garments. French terry crews are considered one of the first added products of many stores, and it’s the perfect garment for in-between seasons.
Red French Terry Crew

French Terry Scoop

White Women's French Terry Scoop


Vests can be paired with long sleeves or t-shirts depending on the weather. It is easily one of the most versatile garments used in-between seasons.
Women's White Vest


Selling pullovers on your store should be a no-brainer. This comfortable and easy to slip on pullover is a must-have product in your holiday collection.
Red Hooded Low Key Pullover

Women’s Tees

T-shirts are the most popular garments sold online. Selling t-shirts is easy. Design and upload your artwork. Promote your brand online. Sit back and watch your orders be printed and shipped directly to your customers.
Next Level White Women's T-Shirt

Men’s Tees

Ringer Tee


Sometimes an occasion presents itself, and we must act accordingly. Polos can be dressed up or down to a specific event.
grey polo
What other products worked for you last season? Let us know in the comments below.
Happy Selling!


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