What is DTG & How Does it Work?


Direct-to-garment Printing (DTG) is the process of printing graphics onto garments through modified inkjet technology. DTG works by loading a print-ready blank garment onto a flat surface to keep the garment wrinkle free. The print heads then scan back and forth to deliver the ink droplets. The placement of the droplets is guided by the file (your design) loaded to the printer software. After the ink is sprayed, the garment is then placed in a heated conveyor belt to fully dry the ink.

Pretreatment solutions may also be added to the garments before the ink to try and eliminate bleeding during a wash. Pretreatments help keep white ink close to the exterior of the fabric and provide a smooth surface required for detailed graphics and images with accurate colors. Pretreatments also react with the white ink so it dries quickly enough to accept an overprint layer without smearing. 

The machines used for DTG are essentially giant printers that transfer the color of your design through ink to the fabric of your product, like a normal printer would to a piece of paper.

Why You Should Choose DTG


1) High Quality Printing

DTG allows for high quality printing of designs and photos. The ink soaks directly into the garment eliminating the ability for your design to crack or peel. Your graphic should be uploaded at the highest resolution & use solid colors in order to get the best quality print.

2) Quick Turnaround Time

DTG printing requires little to no set up allowing for quick & easy prints. The machine itself runs like a normal printer would, spraying ink back & forth along your garment. After the ink is sprayed on the clothing item, it is passed through a heated conveyor belt to fully dry the ink. It takes, on average, about one minute to print a shirt. 

3) Environmentally Friendly

DTG printing is the more eco-friendly option & helps create room for sustainable fashion. The main reason for this is because DTG allows you to print items one at a time, eliminating the concern of overproduction.

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