Subscription FAQs – 2023

Read the FAQs below for important dates & information on changes to your CustomCat subscription plan starting in 2023.

  • What is CustomCat Lite?

    CustomCat Lite gives you free access to our entire product catalog at our standard wholesale prices. CustomCat Lite prices are some of the most competitive in the print-on-demand industry.

  • What is CustomCat PRO?

    CustomCat PRO is a subscription plan that gives you 20-40% off of our standard wholesale prices throughout our entire product catalog for only $30 per month. We offer a reduced subscription rate for our partners who pay for CustomCatPRO on an annual basis, with an annual payment of $300 for 12 months (only $25 per month)!

  • How do I know whether I've selected a subscription plan?

    To view your current subscription, log in to your CustomCat account & click “Settings” in the left navigation menu. Click “Subscription” from the Settings menu or scroll to the subscription section of your settings.

    If you are a legacy user, your subscription will be listed as “No Subscription.” This means you have yet to select a CustomCat subscription level. If you have not selected CustomCat PRO by March 1, 2023, CustomCat Lite pricing will be applied to your account.

    If you’ve selected CustomCat Lite or CustomCat PRO, that selection will be visible in this section of your account settings. Your subscription plan can be updated at any time.

  • Why do I have to pick a plan now?

    Until recently, CustomCat Pro subscriptions were administered through Shopify & available only to Shopify users. As our services have grown beyond Shopify, this created a number of challenges. Most significantly, this made it impossible to offer subscription benefits at the Account Level, causing some users to experience different pricing for different stores.  To fix this, we are now applying CustomCat Subscription at the Account Level, so that Pro Subscribers enjoy the benefits across their entire account.

    We are committed to offering competitive, business friendly prices for our partners like you. In making this subscription update, we have revised our pricing to offer deeper discounts on as many products as possible. PRO Subscribers will unlock discounts of 20-40% off standard catalog pricing. 

  • What is the deadline to pick my plan?

    You have until March 1, 2023 to select either CustomCat Lite or CustomCat PRO

    If you do not select a plan, your plan will automatically default to CustomCat Lite on March 1, 2023

    If you do not pick a plan by March 1, 2023 you can still upgrade to CustomCat PRO at any time thereafter. Your plan can be changed from within your CustomCat account at any time within your CustomCat account settings.

  • What if I’m on the Shopify Pro Plan with CustomCat already? Do I need to do anything?

    YES. If you are currently subscribed through Shopify, we recommend subscribing to CustomCat PRO as soon as possible. Once you’ve subscribed to CustomCat PRO from within your CustomCat account, your Shopify subscription will be canceled.

    If you do not subscribe to CustomCat PRO or cancel your Shopify subscription by March 1, you will continue to be charged by Shopify without receiving CustomCat PRO pricing. Your CustomCat pricing will be determined by your CustomCat subscription status only.

    Our new CustomCat PRO subscription will apply to ALL stores associated with your CustomCat account! This means you can integrate multiple Shopify stores & stores hosted on other platforms while receiving the same product pricing for each store automatically.

  • If I sign up for CustomCat PRO, do I also get a free 60-day trial?


  • Will there always be a free 60-day trial?

    NO. The 60-day free trial for CustomCat PRO was a limited time offer available to those who subscribed for CustomCat PRO before end of day on March 1, 2023.

Click here to review our terms of service. For additional questions please contact our support team.