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Top E-commerce​ Conferences that you don't want to miss 2018

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By Becca - July 10, 2018- in Go-Getter Blog

Why attend conferences? 

Conferences can become the main reason for taking your business further than you imaged. You will gain valuable knowledge into e-commerce business throughout successful individuals with years of experience. It’s worth it to spend that extra money early on in your career to get the inside-scoops of the business. It can be costly, prices range from $0-$300 but with the right mindset and attitude, conferences can be crucial to your e-commerce success especially at the beginning of your self-employment career. 
1. Conferences are platforms for you to learn new things and brush up old skills. 
2. You meet a wide range of individuals that bring years of experience and advice to publicly share with you.
3. It’s a great place to network and establish new connections. 
4. Investing in yourself at the beginning of a career will help you grow exponentially. 
5. Stay on top of e-commerce trends. 

Midwest e-Com Conference 

July 20 – July 21 (Minneapolis, MN)
Fifth annual Midwest e-Com Conference is being held in Minneapolis. The goal is to help sellers like you improve their business and sales. It is particularly concentrated on educating sellers who are selling on Amazon, eBay, Etsy. You will experience a wide range of sellers from newbies to highly experienced veterans who have been in the business for years. It’s an opportunity to network with sellers, vendors, experts and much more. 
Registration ends  July 6th – Price: $ 215 – $ 315 
Register and check out the keynote speakers 


July 25 – July 26 (New York, NY)
CommerceNext is a two-day event that is filled with top-tier e-commerce brands (Levi, Chewy, Footlocker, and UnderArmour). Topics include anything from algorithms, consumer behaviors, Facebook marketing & selling, and Amazon. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best. 
Register: Price $ 795 – June 2 to July 24 
$995 – Onsite 

E-tail East

August 6 – August 9 (Boston, MA)
E-tail East is where the top minds meet.  It is a chance to meet the most successful retailers and learn from their journeys through the retail space. E-tail is designed to help you increased your profits. It’s an open space for growth and innovation. 
Prices vary based on days and topics and team discounts 

Luxury Interactive 

Oct. 15 – Oct. 17 (New York, NY)
This networking event is where executives concentrate on making your business run smoother. You will learn how to position your business with an ever-changing consumer mindset, exploring new business models and learning to connect with your customers. 
Prices vary based on topics and team discounts

Money 20/20 

October 21 – October 24 (Las Vegas, NV) 
Nov 14 – November 16 (Hangzhou, China) 
Money 20/20 is a place to go when you want to learn how to manage your money wiser. It is an opportunity to learn how to spend, save, borrow, share and protect your money. Every year Money 20/20 brings a fresh new group of people to talk about technology and money to help you with money decisions. 
Register Price: $3495 – Retailers Digital Summit

September 12 – September 14 (Las Vegas, NV)
The main goal of Retailers Digital Summit is to help you enhance your business in the digital environment. It’s a place to learn about the latest technologies and connect with industry distributors to help you succeed. You will meet international retail leaders and listen to panel discussions. 
Prices vary 

Retail Global

October 9 – October 11 (Las Vegas, NV)
Retail Global is recognized as a national annual event. The goal of this conference is to bring more people into the online seller community so together we strive to make online a better place. Recieve education from a variety of topics including eBay masterclass,  paid traffic workshop, Facebook for e-commerce, and more.