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Shopify Video Tutorials

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By CustomCat - June 07th, 2018- in Resources

Here you can find detailed video tutorials covering everything to get you started on making products through Shopify. Our app does all the work for you; the tips in these videos will help master the e-commerce process to get the most out of our store.

Getting Started

Tutorial #1 – Getting Started
Our Shopify app automates everything and keeps the fulfillment process simple for you.

Design Library Overview

Tutorial #2 – Design Library Overview
Uploading designs has become easier! Click the Upload Image button within your Design Library and upload as many designs to your library as you want at one time!

Add Product Overview
Tutorial #3 – Add Product Overview

We carry over 550 different products, such as t-shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs and more. Our catalog consists of the most recognizable brands for you to choose from!

Dashboard Overview
Tutorial #4 – Dashboard Overview

The CustomCat app Dashboard allows you to view and edit orders, retrieve a list of all transactions, and much more.

DTG Front & Back Export
Tutorial #5 – DTG Front and Back Export

Your designs may be added to the front and back of a multitude of shirts, through our sophisticated DTG process.

Design Positioning & Presets
Tutorial #6 – Design Positioning and Presets

CustomCat offers three different decoration methods for you to choose from when putting together your designs and products. The three methods are Direct to Garment, Dye Sublimation, and Embroidery.

Tutorial #7a – Personalized Products

Personalization is available for your designs! Start by going to the Design Library and selecting the design you wish to add the personalization text to. You will see the feature ‘Add Personalization Text’.

Tutorial #7b – Personalized Cart Code

In order for your personalization to work correctly with your theme, you’ll need to add some code to the cart page.

Listing as a Single Product/Grouping
Tutorial #8 – Listing as a Single Product/Grouping

Want to list one design on multiple products? You can now display more than one product under a single listing!

Export Templates Overview
Tutorial #9 – Export Templates Overview

CustomCat has introduced one of the most powerful features to setting up your Shopify Store. Bulk export products from CustomCat to your Shopify store by using Export Templates.

Create Manual Orders in Shopify
Tutorial #10 – Create Manual Orders in Shopify

Ordering a replacement at your cost is simple and easy! In your Shopify admin, under Orders, there is a blue button on the top right to ‘Create Order’.

Export Thousands of Products in Minutes
Tutorial #11 – Export Thousands of Products in Minutes

Learn how to streamline your workflow and export thousands of customized products from CustomCat to Shopify in a matter of minutes.

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