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[Guide] Selling Custom POD Jewelry

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By CustomCat - March th, 2019- in Guides Selling Guides

Jewelry has been around for many years among different cultures all over the world. Some of the earliest jewelers date back to 115,000 years when Neanderthals were living in Europe.

Over the last few years the fashion and jewelry industries have taken off rapidly setting high standards for sellers. We collectively continue to adopt fast fashion – just take a look at some of the main players (H&M and Forever21) who are leading the fashion industry.
Follow the trend and turn your best-selling niche into a jewelry collection. Let’s make some additions to your store. Are you ready, my friend?

5814 x $27.95 = $162,501

4193 x $27.95 = $117,194

Quick Stat Check

  • Revenue in the jewelry segment amounts to US $114,870M in 2019 and the market is expected to grow.
  • Most revenue is generated in China.

Reasons to Sell Jewelry

  • One size fits all
  • Unlike high-end jewelry, CustomCat eliminates high price tags
  • Fast-fashion continues to trend
  • Jewelry makes for a thoughtful gifts
  • Jewelry can help raise awareness for a cause or charity of choosing
  • Jewelry has potential to inspire and motivate others
  • Jewelry brings individuals together


Circle Necklace

  • Silver plated pendant with gloss finish
  • 20 inch necklace chain included
  • High resolution design size: 1 inch diameter
  • Bezel size: 1-1/8 inch diameter
  • Shape: Circle

  • Price: $6.00
  • Suggested Retail Price: $16.00

Square Necklace

  • Silver plated pendant with gloss finish
  • 20 inch necklace chain included
  • High resolution design size: 1 x 1 inches
  • Bezel size: 1-1/8 x 1-1/8 inches
  • Shape: Square

  • Price: $6.00
  • Suggested Retail Price: $16.00


Silver Dog Tag

  • Military inspired dog tag
  • Decorated on one side with a gloss finish
  • Silver on the back side
  • 30 inch silver beaded chain included with purchase

  • Price: $4.25
  • Suggested Retail Price: $14.25

Reminder: White cannot be printed.

White Dog Tag

  • Military inspired aluminum dog tag
  • Decorated on one side with a gloss finish
  • White on the back side
  • 30 inch silver beaded chain included with purchase

  • Price: $4.25
  • Suggested Retail Price: $14.25

You can find Artwork Guidelines here.
No matter which industry you can always find people who are passionate about a particular hobby or cause. With print on demand industry your best bet is to tap into audience’s sense of pride and/or talents to win their hearts and sell more products.

Design Inspiration


Symbols are important because they help us to identify ideas and other concepts that draw communities of similar values together. The itch to become part of something greater than ourselves is bigger than ever. Some symbols change and some stay the same. Symbols themselves make for a great niche when you want to add a little bit of that bling to your store.


Moms are always the biggest cheerleaders at their kids games. They love to support their kids in style. They are loud and proud. Moms enjoy all the fan gear they can get hands on to support their child in anyway they can. I bet they would love to rock a little bit of bling while they continue to cheer on from the bleachers.

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Dodgeball
  • Kickball
  • Softball


Motherhood comes from all shapes and sizes. I can’t speak from experience but I believe that military moms go through extra challenges. It’s not easy and often they are required to make many sacrifices to serve our country. In honor of all military moms, those who serve and those who make sacrifices at home, you should extend your online collection to jewelry as well.

  • USMC Veteran
  • USMC Valus
  • U.S. Army
  • Navy Seal
  • Hero
  • Land of free because of the brave


Is your brand primarily trend oriented? Patterns make for a great accessory. Fashion and trends are perceived as a way of identifying oneself with our surroundings. Make your audience feel confident and inspired to wear your product design in public.

  • Unicorns
  • Pandas
  • Avocados


When the season change our closets change as well. Every season people tend to evaluate their closets. Tap into the seasonal change and/or market to certain parts of the world where the weather stays pretty much the same all year round.

  • Summer Charm
  • Rainbow
  • Blooming flowers
  • Palm trees
  • Snowflakes
  • Butterflies
  • Dasies
  • Ocean
  • Mountains
  • Desert


Statement jewelry has become mainstream. It is not just about the high-end jewelry that not everyone can afford but rather the intent of gifting a gift fueled by purpose.

  • Love
  • Hugs & Kisses
  • Heart & Arrow
  • Arrow of Cubid
  • Vow
  • Infinity
  • Birth Stones



  • St Patrick’s Day: Clover, “Lucky Charm”, “Lucky”, Beer, Irish Cross
  • Christmas: Christmas Tree, Presents, Nutcracker, Three Wise Men, Christmas Bear, Reindeer, Christmas Train, Santa in Space, Wreath, Santa Sled, Festive Stocking, Angels, Gingerbread, Snow Globe
  • Halloween: Pumpkin, Hocus Pocus, BOO-tiful, Scull, Spider Web, Witch, Candy Corn, Haunted House
  • Chinese New Year: Fortune Cookie, Pig, Dragon, Rooster
  • Valentine’s Day: My Beautiful Wife, Forever & Always, From Now till Forever, Lock of Love, Wifey, Be Mine, Soulmates, Love Guard, Petals of Love
  • Easter: Easter Basket, Easter Eggs, Chicks, Jesus, Rabbit


In today’s society many women buy jewelry for themselves to reward or motivate themselves to accomplish a goal in life, love and/or career.

  • Anything is possible
  • The future is bright
  • Be Happy
  • You are my sunshine
  • You are my everything
  • Thankful, Grateful, Blessed
  • Faith over fear
  • Blessed
  • Dream Big
  • Unstoppable
  • Balance
  • Strenght & Courage
  • All or nothing
  • Just keep going
  • Believe & Achieve
  • You are beautiful
  • All we need is love
  • Good vibes only
  • Smile
  • No excuses
  • Live your dreams
  • You are enough
  • Strong & Beautiful
  • Goal Getter

Film Industry

According to Statista, the global film industry shows healthy projections for the coming years, as the global box office revenue is projected to increase to nearly 50 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. The U.S. is the third largest film market in the world in terms of tickets sold per year, ranking behind China and India. In 2017, 724 movies were released in North America, with drama being the most common genre amongst movie releases in the region. Until now, the most successful movie franchise in the region was the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which generated over 6.8 billion U.S. dollars of box office revenue in North America alone. Movies like “Iron Man”, “Marvel’s The Avengers”, “Spider-Man”, “The Incredible Hulk” are a few examples of franchise films. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is the highest grossing 3D movie in North America, with lifetime gross of around 937 million U.S. dollars.

  • Genres
  • Movie Characters
  • Movie Quotes
  • Movies Food
  • Film Reel
  • Movie Set
  • Clapper Board
  • Camera
  • TV
  • Social Media


Food is something that everyone can relate to. Make your necklace designs unconventional but popular. People eat different types of food in different countries, so simply marketing beef designs to a country who is primarily pescatarian simply won’t do a justice. Choose your battles carefully.

Etsy Inspiration

  • Breakfast Foods
  • Fast Food Chains
  • Condiments
  • Soda Drinks
  • Alcohol Beverage
  • Sweets
  • Fruits
  • Internationl Cusine
  • Veggies
  • Holiday Foods
  • Festival Food
  • Carnival Food
  • Organic Foods
  • Gourment Food
  • Popular Products (Nutella)
  • Baking Goods
  • Frozen Foods
  • Kid Meals


According to, the travel and tourism industry is one of the world’s largest industries with a global economic contribution of over 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016. Platforms like Pinterest, Etsy, and Amazon sell everything and anything from world themed necklaces to city skyscrapers. There are few themes that all three platforms have in common: world map, plane, and compass.

Etsy Inspiration

  • Countries
  • States
  • Cities
  • Provinces
  • Tourist Destinations
  • Means of transportation
  • Travel Necessities
  • Travel Quotes
  • Journey
  • Wilderness
  • Wanderlust
  • Follow your heart
  • Find the joy in the journey
  • Seek adventure
  • Follow your dreams
  • Travel the world

  • Bring a special piece of him/her everywhere you go.
  • Perfect match: Necklace and your lady!
  • Celebrate someone special.
  • Necklaces are always in season.
  • To say “Forever Yours” with personalized bling.
  • Be Mine Collection
  • You are one click away from showing her how much you love her.
  • Big or small, it’s worth celebrating.
  • Make it memorable.

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